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Top 5 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Benefits of artificial Intelligence and its Importance

What are the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence?

We are hearing this term repeatedly in our daily lives about Artificial Intelligence and most of us are curious enough to learn about it. The following article describes various benefits of AI in our lives.

For those who to find out or want to know the basics and to know more about the same you can get an idea by just clicking on What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence as is basically the ability of a program fed into a computer to decide and perform certain actions. These actions are based on numerous previously fed conditions or situations.
These set of actions performed by the machine is being rated by the scientists and programmers.
This make the machine ‘Learn’ what to do when such situations (or similar to those) arise in future.

This process is called as ‘Learning‘ of the machines. Various programs and tests help it to Rectify the mistakes or unwanted results over the time.

The machines now-a-days are learning at pace with the new technologies available. They also have started being beneficial for us in the near future.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

When we started building computers, initially we saw a lot of resistance from some part of the society. Many were concerned about the money and time being wasted. Till then people thought that conventional methods were good. Whereas, very little believed in making machines which would improve somehow over the time.

We couldn’t believe that connecting across the globe just a matter of milliseconds would be so easy.

Definitely the AI provides us the ease of work along with speed. It will amplify its beauty in the future.

Here are some key points we can give a thought on how Artificial Intelligence is beneficial:

1. Providing Quicker Response during Disasters

Nobody wants to go through any sort of Disaster may it be Natural or an Artificial one. Hence our governments keep building strategies to overcome them. That’s why they have disaster management departments to cope up such situations.

Due to the Fast response of the systems, Artificial Intelligence finds its use in emergency management.

In between the year 2005 and 2015, the number of natural disasters in the United States of America counted to 242. All suffered were the human lives. The loss it made to the properties across the country is huge and the impacting balance of the wildlife.

The Highest number in the list of Natural disasters registered by the Storms records to 134 incidents all across.

Today, the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence use sensors with machines. It provides accurate and intelligent information of the buildings and the landscapes which are damaged in the calamities. This technique is helping the rescue personals to get a clear idea of the landscape topography. New instruments help calculate the extent of the damage.

This further helps detecting the victims as quickly as possible and also helps to know the severity of the situation. This lets the help reach the needy areas in no time.

2. Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is continuously revolutionizing many fields in terms of research as well as development. One of the major happenings and advantage of AI can be seen in the Healthcare sector. The AI driven instruments and software are being a great help especially in a time when we need quick diagnosis. This helps in quicker medication and further increases the recovery speed.

Robot assisted surgery or Robotic surgery is yet another example of the AI benefits in healthcare industry. Now a days the major part of the surgery is being monitored as well as carried out using robots and machines. These machines continuously feed the data in the system along with monitoring. They help to increase the surgeon’s accuracy as well as ease of doing the operation.

This is currently saving the time and increasing the success rate, which is helps in quick recovery of the patient.

The biggest advantage is that it is used remotely too. The doctors are performing surgery by sitting at a remote location. They can get the patient’s data sitting at a longer distance.
While a team of doctors work in the operation theater, another is operating via the machine.

This is a true marvel in terms of advance medical science technology.

3. Saving Time and Cost

The Artificial Intelligence keeps adding to the list of advantages. Time is the most precious of all the elements on the planet. The AI saves most of the ‘time’ required, be it in collecting the data or doing calculations.

We can calculate various data (of multiple tests) for a patient, which would save enough time if it was done physically. This saves time during critical medical need.

When it comes to analyze data in large number, say during a pandemic, then it becomes very useful.
The initial cost of equipment may be high but it saves a lot of time and money in the longer run.

Also various upgrades are possible which help in keeping the costs lower.

4. AI in Security Operations

The AI stands very useful in keeping a close check with the security systems as well. We have a lot of devices which help improvisation in various security operations.

A Military Robot

One of the best example is say in Military Operations. There are various regions and treks which are inaccessible to humans. Here it becomes much easier to deploy a robot or a machine to do the task. It can keep an eye on certain parameters and give signals.

This helps to perform the operations secretively and also increases the Safety of our personnel.

We hope more such devices to be used in near future.

5. Faster Response and 24×7 Availability

We have found out so many beneficial uses of technology. But it likes to develop and grow in a positive direction daily, step by step.

Electronic circuits for Fast Response

Humans could agree to achieve more, but with the help of machines it becomes much easier to do certain tasks. Here comes the role of Faster response which can even be automated.

Also our biological body needs energy as well as rest after a point of time. But we can keep our machines awake 24×7 without any fatigue. The AI provides fast response for calculations such as done for a Space mission or any research to be carried on.


The above examples show how we can improve the machines daily and teach them to rely upon someday. Most of the lives have been saved in medical field and many more inventions are under research.

Human lives are of utmost importance and bringing AI will always improve them. Right from watching movies to ordering food, or getting a medical examination or safety, everything is well handled by the machines. We hope to see more advancements soon.

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