Artificial Intelligence as smart as human brain

Journey of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Tech Future

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Image depicting Artificial Intelligence as human brain

Intelligence is the beautiful gift of nature given to the humans in one of the most amazing ways in our lifetime which makes us ‘different’ from the rest and hence this beautiful ability to stand out makes us to acquire more and more knowledge and apply them to master a particular skill. This gift when passed on to the machines for performing certain tasks is termed as Artificial Intelligence and involves the use of robotics integrated with it at higher levels of studies (together termed Artificial Intelligence and robotics).

Over the time we have been evolving and mastering certain skills to make us so capable that we survived and helped to improve ourselves day-by-day and year-by-year so much that today we are in a position of creating huge machinery no one had ever even imagined. We had so much improvised ourselves that we can see the entire Earth from the Space by reaching there and can even share the experience digitally to the ones who are on the planet.

Wow what an amazing machine of nature we are!

Nature is the perfect Engineering Marvel we can say that created us and gave us such a gift called Intelligence.

We all know that the use of machines and robots has become a part of our lives (may be directly or indirectly) and / or we are at least familiar with them.
The more use of machines to make our work more than easier has made us apply more of our natural gift (The Intelligence) to make things way better is to experiment this by applying it artificially to the robots. This is when the Artificial Intelligence comes into picture.

When a person understands the situations, differentiates various conditions on its own depending on its past experiences and applies his / her intellect to prepare or predict similar circumstances to deal with new situations is what is intelligence in psychology.

The same ability of a machine to keep a record of events as experience to deal with different situations by learning and improvising its own intellect to work out a task similar as that of a human intelligence. It may be responding to certain questions, or voice activated commands, recognizing certain objects (for which the machine has been basic trained initially, but later learns automatically), etc. All this combined together when can be performed by a machine through robotics and software together is termed as Artificial Intelligence.

Human Robot with AI, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Examples of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

As Explained above, e now know what does AI means. We also are mostly unaware of certain facts which include AI even after using it in our day to day lives. Here are some examples of AI which hopefully will blow your mind if you are not from a technical background and generate more curiosity regarding the technical aspects in day to day required tech innovations which unless told, we won’t believe that we are using the awesome piece of innovative technical marvel.

Examples of AI in our Lives

Google map application displaying COVID-19 testing center on a smartphone. A new version of Google’s mapping service Credits: (Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images)
  1. Google Maps : We all are very much familiar with the Google Maps which we use in our daily lives on the way to make us reach to our friend’s, family’s home or a party location with higher accuracy and so much ease. Nowadays we also have a live variant of these maps which keep updating on the go. These Live updates to show directions, time to reach, Traffic’s updated data, routes to take, auto suggestions, etc are all programmed and performed by the AI which is very accurate as we know after our use.

  2. Face Recognition Technology: In this world of updates, we are all updating our knowledge along with our phones which are using upgraded technologies every time we use it.
    The most important feature in the phones starts from unlocking it, without touching and just by looking at your screen. Yes, you are thinking it right, it is AI which makes these things possible in a buttery smooth transition time. You can imagine the speed at which things work to make the phone unlock itself as soon as it sees your face.
    Initially we have just trained the AI by recording our face and feeding the image at different angles, but once done, the AI automatically recognizes you even if your hairstyle has changed or you have a normal makeup done, or even if you have changed your beard styles. That’s the best example which we use multiple times Daily!

  3. Chatbots on ecommerce websites: We use the e commerce stores via the apps and websites almost multiple times a week but we dint know that now a days most of these websites are using the AI powered chatbots which are completely automatic and solve our problems depending on the feedback we give. Most of the times we don’t require to wait in a queue of waiting calls to get our queries solved, and in such cases AI seems to be extremely helpful.

  4. NETFLIX: You might be wondering why have we put Netflix under this, and what does AI has to do with this? You are right in case you wonder, but let us put some light on it.

    Have you ever wondered how does Netflix know what show to suggest you after you have finished a particular web series or have finished watching a movie?

    Yes that all is done by AI and we will be discussing all this in detail in some other article but yes the suggestions are made on the basis of the shows you are watching and NETFLIX data analytics depending on the previous shows you have watched.

    There are many more examples in this list but we can have a detailed on in other post, lets move ahead with robotics and the difference between robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

We have already Discussed what AI means but also at the same time we are curious to know whether robotics and artificial intelligence same? Most people ask this question and are searching for an answer.
So here is the easiest explanation to it. Consider a machine performing certain tasks like a garage door opening whenever you press a button or whenever a car reaches a particular distance in front of the door, in this case the motors and the electric signals are doing the task which come under robotics.

Basically robotics includes a few parts of machine doing a particular task which is assigned through the signals or programming and the machine repeats the task without any self intelligence. Once the intelligence adds up which is via the AI then the whole combination acts as that to humans and so it is necessary for the whole system to act in combination to get amazing results .


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